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Hunt, Smith, and Snow, LLC is the ad valorem division of Analytical Consultants of Chapel Hill, NC. The principals are Joe Hunt, John Smith, and Paul Snow. Through this ad valorem division, Analytical Consultants is able to provide not only diverse appraisal services but is able to deliver educational, developmental, operational, and enhancement services while working with property owners, tax offices, government agencies, revaluation firms, attorneys, property managers, software developers, and a wide range of other professionals. Hunt, Smith, and Snow, LLC, does not compete with other professional providers; it provides assistance and enhancements to existing programs and services.

Joe Hunt is not only an MAI and CAE designated appraiser, but has had a decorated career spanning over fifty years from his early years as a Tennessee assessor to his election to the post of IAAO President, and to being voted as IAAO’s most valuable member, to his 2008 retirement from the distinguished UNC School of Government. Joe Hunt has been involved in numerous international, as well as statewide initiatives including consultation in the overhaul of the US Virgin Islands property tax system and development of appraisal standards, to consultation with counties and testimony before courts and tax commissions.

John Smith is a designated CAE appraiser and has thirty years experience in mass appraisal and assessment, six years with private appraisal firms and twenty four years with the Orange County, NC Assessor’s office. Mr. Smith has worked in Hyde, Sampson, Onslow, Alamance, and Dare Counties on revaluation projects with L. Robert Kimball, Byer & Bodenheimer, and Pearson Appraisals. In Orange County, Mr. Smith has conducted six consecutive and successful revaluations as Chief Appraiser and as Assessor.

The creation of the Hunt, Smith, and Snow division allows Analytical Consultants to provide assistance in five primary areas. Since it’s creation in 1981, Analytical Consultants have been specializing in appraisals of office, industrial, retail, apartment, and large acreage type properties. Through Hunt, Smith, and Snow, Analytical can now also provide valuation, operational, developmental, and enhancement assistance.

  • Valuation – Tax Appeal: Hunt, Smith, and Snow have extensive experience in the determination of fair and equitable tax values. Whether working with the tax office, with the property owner, or as a third party reviewer there are always aspects where either one party or both parties need additional information. The function of Hunt, Smith, and Snow is to thoroughly understand these aspects and bring both parties together through the educational process. Fair and equitable valuation is always the goal of Hunt, Smith, and Snow. Hunt, Smith, and Snow will never advocate for a value until we have first determined it to be fair and equitable.

  • Operational: There are many operations where outsourcing oversight is the means to maximizing value received for every dollar spent. Hunt, Smith, and Snow can bring the needed oversight expertise to many governmental operations such as revaluation, software conversions, RFP development, audit programs, cost analysis, public communication, and project management.

  • Developmental: Hunt, Smith, and Snow have the knowledge and experience to assist with the development of county programs. Our specialty is developing “in house revaluation programs” that produce successful revaluations. This includes development of gant charts, deadlines, size factors, residential schedules, feedback models, and commercial schedules. Hunt, Smith, and Snow can tailor services to your particular needs.

  • Enhancement: Today tax offices and revaluation firms are expected to be all things to all people…to have all the staff expertise required to properly appraise all property types. However, the reality is that it is not cost effective to have such an extensive staff. Hunt, Smith, and Snow can bring specialized enhancements to most revaluation efforts through specially designed projects.



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